Hi, welcome to Woofas!

I'm Philippa, a professional and caring surrogate, aka "favourite auntie", for your canine loved ones.  Whether it be for daytime walks, daycare or home boarding whilst you're either at work or play or away on your hols, I'm here to help.  I have been around dogs most of my life and simply adore them!  I have many years' experience and started up Woofas in 2007. Getting to know all the different dogs and learning about their various personalities, favourite things and odd whims gives me great joy and they make me smile every day.  

Your dog will be walked/looked after by me personally (I'm not one of the "conveyor belt" companies) with the utmost vigilance and TLC, and you can rest assured that I will treat your dog as I do my own.  Along with exercise, playtime, cuddles and downtime I provide calm and fair discipline when necessary and can offer basic reward-based training to those still needing to refine their manners.

I now walk and look after only small to medium sized dogs.

Preferably your dog will be neutered (unless under 9 months old or for medical reasons) although this is not set in stone, and he/she must be good around other dogs so we can keep harmony in the pack.  All new dogs will ideally come on a trial walk with us to ensure they are happy and get on with the group.

Vaccinations and flea treatments must be up-to-date (the kennel-cough vaccine is also encouraged).

I'm fully insured by specialists Cliverton.  I walk up to a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time if on my own (I'm insured to walk 6) or up to 7 with my experienced assistant (her own dog being number 7) but usually it's 4-5 between the two of us.  For daycare and boarding I take in up to a maximum of 4 dogs at a time (I am insured to look after 6).  I will provide references upon request.

The important bit ...